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5LibraryLibrary of Congress Vol. 1 A-J
6LibraryLibrary of Congress Vol. 2 J-Z
1875VideotapeRevival Leaders of History 100 Huntley Street290/Hun
219NT - CommentaryTymothy 1&2/Titus/Philemon Tynd.14(book missing)225.7
888MissionsFailure is Not Final(van der)Klis, Janny266.09Kli
1506JuniorTake The High Road,Bueltmann, A.J.301.41/Bue
1873VideotapeSignature of God (The)100 Huntley Street290/Hun
1874VideotapeCrossroads 25/40 Anniversary100 Huntley Street290/Hun
1876VideotapeLive to Air (Err)100 Huntley Street290/Hun
1518Home VideoKeys of the Kingdom (The)20th Century - Fox266Key #22
1508Home VideoBible(The)..In The Beginning 2V20th Cetury Fox221Bib #26
1651RecordParents Can Be A Problem33 1/3RPMRecord249Par
62Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol. 1Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
63Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol. 2Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
64Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol. 3Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
65Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol. 4Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
66Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol 5Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
67Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol. 6Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
68Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol. 7Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
69Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol. 8Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
70Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol. 9Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
71Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol.10Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
72Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol.11Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
73Bible -CommentaryInterpreter's Bible (The) Vol.12Abingdon PressR220.3Int.
857MissionsMissions Policy HandbookACMC266ACM
1542Sermon - tapeMaster Tape 1Acock, David, Rev.#1
FbiographyM.R.DeHaan/LifeBehindTheVoiceAdair, James R.922/DeH
501Christian Life - MarriageYou Can Sweeten a Sour MarriageAdams, Jday E.248Ada
1903ChristChurch/AsiaChina-theChurch'sLong MarchAdeney, David H.275.1/Ade
1208FictionMan Called Norman (A)Adkins, MikeF/Adk
582Christian LifeSecrets to Inner BeautyAldrich, Joe248.4Ald
583Personal ReligionGod's PsychiatryAllen, Charles L.248.4All
1519Home VideoChariots of FireAllied Stars921Cha #5
696Christian LifeFascinating WomanhoodAndelin, Helen B.248.843And
345MiraclesWhere Miracles HappenAnderson, Joan W.235.3And
1019GamesGames for All OccasionsAnderson, Ken793And
1209FictionDoctor's ReturnAnderson, KenF/And
1961Jesus ChristJesus(Advance Reading Copy)Anderson, Leith232.8/And
1485JuniorGod's World and JonnyAndrews, DorothyJ249/And
585Christian Life - MenSons of FreedomAndrews, Gini248.4And
591Christian Life - WomenYour Half of The AppleAndrews, Gini248.4And
819WorshipRight Here Right NowApplegarth, Margaret T.264App
685Christian LifeTwelve Baskets FullApplegarth, Mdargaret T.248.6App
146CommentaryBible Difficulties & Seeming Contradict.Arndtt, Wm.220.7Arn
1210FictionRoad Winds On (The)Arnold, Francena H.F/Arn
1211FictionThree Shall Be OneArnold, Francena H.F/Arn
1212FictionApostle (The)Asch, SholemF/Asc
990Christian LifeJosh - The Walls Came Tumbling DownAshwin, James331.5Ash
197NT - CommentaryGuide to The Bible Vol.2Asimorn, Isaac225Asi
171Commentary - OTGuide to The Bible Vol.1Asimov, Isaac222Asi
587Christian LifeWhen Caring is Not EnoughAugsburger, David248.4Aug
1858FictionJonathan Livingston SeagullBach, RichardF/Bac
1321FictionAdoniram JudsonBadcock, D.I.F/Bad
993Christian LifeElbows off the tableBailey, Faith C.395Bai
1666RecordI'n WalkingBaily, BobRec. #14
172ChurchChurch of Our Fathers (The)Bainton, Roland H.222Bai
788Church & StateChristian Attitudes Toward War & PeaceBainton, Roland H.261Bai
134ConcordanceBaker's Pocket Bible ConcordanceBaker Book House220.2Bak
263Christian TheologyWhat Christians BelieveBalchin, John230Bal
1099BiographyHenrietta Mears and how she did it!Baldwin, Ethel M.922Bal
1326JuniorRace Against TimeBaldwin, PatJ/Bal
247NT -EphesiansWhat Makes You So Special?Baldwin, Stansly C.227.5Bal
1543Sermon - tapeHow To Cure DiscouragementBall, Wesley, Rev.233.2Bal #4
1544Sermon - tapeHouse or a Home (A)Ball, Wesley, Rev.249Bal #37
1545Sermon - tapeFrom Boredom to BoldnessBall, Wesley, Rev.226.6Bal #4
1546Sermon - tapePraise the LordBall, Wesley, Rev.264Bal #36
1547Sermon - tapeI did it my way -signed "God"Ball, Wesley, Rev.252Bal #30
1548Sermon - tape 2XI Commit You to God(tape 1&2)Ball, Wesley, Rev.Jun.24/90
1549Sermon - tapeManon The BeachBall, Wesley, Rev.232Bal #43
1550Sermon - tapeGreatest Danger in Life (The)Ball, Wesley, Rev.232Bal #44
1551Sermon - tapeHow Does Your Garden GrowBall, Wesley, Rev.226.8Bal #4
1552Sermon - tapeMemorial Service of ThanksgivingBall, Wesley, Rev.Tape # 1& 2
1553Sermon - tapeBread from HeavenBall, Wesley, Rev.233.3Ball #3
1611Sermon - tapeWorld's Greatest Birthday PartyBall, Wesley, Rev.232Bal #22
1614Sermon - tapeGive Me JesusBall, Wesley, Rev.243Bal #38
1615Sermon - tapeFaith that Defies Dekay (A)Ball, Wesley, Rev.232Bal #39
1779Sermon -tapeBlow the Trumpet of Zion'Ball,Wesley Rev.222.7Ball
1765Sermon -tapeHopeBannerman,E.Rev.Apr.22/01
1796Sermon -tapeTerrorist Attack-Trade CentreN.Y.Bannerman,E.Rev.Sept.23/01
375ApologeticsReasons for FaithBarclay, Oliver R.239Bar
237NT - MarkDaily Study Bible (The)Barclay, Wm.226.5Bar
251NT - StudyLetters to Timothy,Titus,PhilemonBarclay, Wm.227.807Bar
253NT - James & PeterDaily Study Bible (The)Barclay, Wm.227.91Bar
255NT - Revelation 2XRevelation of John (Study)Vol.1:1-5(The)Barclay, Wm.228Bar
1214FictionWhile We WaitBard, PattiF/Bar
173HistoryI'm No HeroBarrett, Ethel222Bar
503EvangelismPeople Who Couldn't Be Stopped (The)Barrett, Ethel248Bar
711Christian LifeWill the Real Phony Please Stand UpBarrett, Ethel249Bar
1216FictionJohn WelchBarrett, EthelF/Bar
1505JuniorJohn Welch-The Man Who CouldBarrett, EthelJ285.23/Bar
1682Junior BooksGod and a Boy Named JoeBarrett, EthelJ232Bar
1683Junior BooksPeople Who Couldn't Be StoppedBarrett, EthelJ226Bar
1215FictionWoman in The House (A)Barrett, Wm. E.F/Bar
835WorshipJoyful SongsBarrows, Cliff264.2Bar
FictionDesert RosesBarton, Janet LeeF/Bar
594ChurchCounterfeitBastian, Donald N.248.4Bas
355ProphesyThe View From a HearseBayly, Joseph236.1Bay
460EvangelismGospel Blimp (The)Bayly, Joseph243Bay
1109BiographyMartyred!Bayly, Joseph T.922Car
919Religious EducationWorship Services for Teen-AgersBays, Alice A.268.433Bay
932Religious EducationWorship Programs for IntermediatesBays, Alice A.268.433Bay
697Christian LifeFulfilled Woman (The)Beardsley, Lou248.843Bea
111Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.15 Return to The LandBeers,Gilber203Bee
97Bible & HistoryBook of Life (The) - Vol.1 God's PioneersBeers,Gilbert203Bee
98Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.2 A Chosen PeopleBeers,Gilbert203Bee
99Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol. 3 Exodus from BondageBeers,Gilbert203Bee
100Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol. 4 God's TabernacleBeers,Gilbert203Bee
101Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol. 5 God's LawsBeers,Gilbert203Bee
102Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol. 6 Wilderness WonderingsBeers,Gilbert203Bee
103Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol. 7 The Promised LandBeers,Gilbert203Bee
104Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol. 8 The JudgesBeers,Gilbert203Bee
105Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol. 9 The Nation UnitesBeers,Gilbert203Bee
106Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.10 The Warrior KingBeers,Gilbert203Bee
107Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.11 Israel's Golden AgeBeers,Gilbert203Bee
108Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.12 The Nation DividesBeers,Gilbert203Bee
109Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.13 Prophesies & MiraclesBeers,Gilbert203Bee
110Bilble & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.14 The ExileBeers,Gilbert203Bee
112Bible & HIstoryBook of Life - Vol.16 God's ProphetsBeers,Gilbert203Bee
113Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.17 The SaviorBeers,Gilbert203Bee
114Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.18 The Good ShepherdBeers,Gilbert203Bee
115Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.19 The Son of GodBeers,Gilbert203Bee
116Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.20 The Lord of LifeBeers,Gilbert203Bee
117Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.21 The Early ChurchBeers,Gilbert203Bee
118Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.22 Journeys for JesusBeers,Gilbert203Bee
119Bible & HistoryBook of Life - Vol.23 Guidebook/IndexBeers,Gilbert203Bee
936Religious EducationBible in Story and Picture (The) OTBegbie, Harold268.6Beg
937Religious EducationBible in Story and Picture (The) NTBegbie, Harold268.6Beg
280Holy SpiritHoly Spirit and You (The)Bennet, Dennis & Rita231.3Ben
281Holy SpiritNine O'Clock in The MorningBennet, Dennis J.231.3Ben
1100BiographyMiracle in MoscowBenson, David922Ben
385DevotionDevotions for Church GroupsBerg,(Vanden) Wm.E.240Ber
1446JuniorSecret of the Arows (The)Berge, AlyceJ222.4Ber
1440JuniorWorld God Made(The)Bergey, AlyceJ222.11/Ber
1217FictionTreasureBergren, Lisa T.F/Ber
FictionDeepHarborBergren, Lisa T.F/Ber
FictionMidnight SunBergren, Lisa T..F/Ber
190OT - ProphetsWhich Way to Nineveh?Berrett, Ethel224.92Ber
1618InterviewUnited Church ModeratorBest, Marion268.1Bes #7
741YouthEmerging Generation (The)Bibby, Reginald W.249.1Bib
972Religion in CanadaFragmented GodBibby, Reginald W.287Bib
Bible HelperTalking with GodBible League's Minist.220/Bib
1526Home VideoIsrael-PLO AgreementBible Prophecy236.6 Isr #24
1527Home VideoNow is the Time!Bible Prophecy236.6Now #
826WorshipPraying- How to Start & Keep PrayingBiehl, Bobb264.1Bie
1704Christian LifeSurprised by FaithBierie, Don248.4Bie
1322FictionTales for TeensBiley, Faith C.F/Bai
786Christian ChurchDestined for The ThroneBillheimer, Paul E.260Bil
1679Biography 2X922ELife Story of AnnPresong (The)Bingham,Helen E.921PreBin
1653RecordBullfrogs & ButterfliesBirdwing RecordsRec.#1
828WorshipPower of Positive PrayingBisagno, John264.1Bis
1218FictionPapa's DaughterBjorn, Thyra F.F/Bjo
40GodGod Still LovesBlair, Jac212Bla
1045BiographyThey Took A standBlandford, Brian920Bla
1863BiographyOprah!UpClose & Down HomeBly, Nellie922/Opr
327Jesus ChristBold GalileanBlythe, LeGette232.908Bly
1219FictionSoul on FireBlythe, LeGetteF/Bly
1481JuniorChildren's Life of Christ (The)Blyton, EnidJ232.901/Bly
1696FictionSparrow's Fall (The)Bodsworth, FredF/Bod
1486JuniorDaddy Doesn't Live Here AnymoreBoegehold, BettyJ249/Boe
1487JuniorYou Can Say "NO"Boegehold, BettyJ249/Boe
369ProphecyMillennium (The)Boettner, Loraine236.6Boe
416Christian EthicsEthicsBonhoeffer, Dietrich241Bon
818Religious ObservanceReal ChristmasBoone, Pat263Boo
1102BiographyNew Song (A)Boone, Pat922Boo
1103BiographyMy Brother's Keeper?Boone, Pat922Boo
1104BiographyOne Woman's LiberationBoone, Shirley922Boo
1729Christian Life(Lent)Passionate JourneyBoorman, Margaret242.34Boo
1680Canadian ChurchWinds of God (The)Booth, Rodney M.277.01Boo
1156BiographyAida SkripnikovaBourdeaux, Michael922Skr
961Church HistoryStory of the Church (The)Bowie, Walter R.270Bow
1422Junior J221.9505Bible Story(The)for boys &girlsBowie, Walter R.J220.9505/Bow
820WorshipRestoring WorthshipBowman, Clarice264Bow
1471JuniorMore Stories Jesus ToldBoyce, Eth el M.J226.8/Boy
1462JuniorWorking for JesusBoyce, EthelJ2225.9505/Boy
1423JuniorChildren Stories of the BibleBradford, Barbara TJ220.9505/Bra
Christian LifeFearfully & Wonderfully MadeBrand, Paul248/Bra
16Religion & PsychologyStruggle for Peace (The)Brandt, Henry R.150Bra
827WorshipPraying with PaulBrandt, R.L.264.1Bra
347SatanSatan's Ten Most Believable LiesBreese, Dave234Bre
803Social TheologySeven Men Who Rule The World ...Breese, Dave261.5Bre
1636Music - cassettesSunday Sing-Along 50 FavoritesBrentwood245Sun #67
504EvangelismFullness of Christ (The)Briscoe, D.Stuart248Bri
712Christian LifeGetting Into GodBriscoe, D.Stuart249Bri
249NT - PhilippiansBound For JoyBriscoe, Stuart227.6Bri
714Christian LifeWhere Was The Church...Briscoe, Stuart249Bri
1800Christian LifeSevenPromises ofAPromiseKeeperBrith,Bill etc.248Bri
1885Christian LifeHeavenly Man (The)Brother Yun248/Yun
PrayersIt's been One of Those Days,LordBrown, Bob248/Bro
227NT - DisciplesChanged LivesBrown, Grant C.226Bro
1006Christian Life 2XMonkey Off My Back (2nd-922Bro)Brown, Jack616.8Bro
163Bible - History2nd Thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls 2nd ThoughtsBruce, F.F.220.93Bru
211NT - CommentaryRomans - Tyndale 6Bruce, F.F.225.7Bru
1435JuniorOnce, Long AgoBruce, Mary O.J221/Bru
1862Fiction-ReflectionFinding God inLord of the RingsBruner,K.&Ware,J.F/Tol/Bru
1105BiographyHe Is Not GoneBrunsting, Bernard922Bru
1036LiteratureFavorite PoemsBryant, Al808.81Bry
713Christian LifeAt Any CostBryant, Anita249Bry
1005Christian LifeMagic Bottle (The)Bryant, Lee616.8Bry
1476JuniorWhen Jesus was a Little ChildBryant, MinorJ232/Min
595Christian LifeLight My CandleBryant,A.& Green,B.248.4Bry
590Spiritual HealingRisky LivingBuckingham, Jamie248.4Buc
1872Foreign MissionFortyYears in the African BushBulifant, Josephine266/Bul
860MissionsCoral in The SandBull, Geoffrey T.266Bul
1222FictionRhineland InheritanceBunn, T. DavisF/Bun
463Evangelism,Pilgrim's Progress (The)Bunyan, John243Bun
1325JuniorI Wonder Why...Burden, ShirleyJ/Bur
922Religious EducationJunior Worship MaterialsBurgess, Nellie V.268.4326Bur
1106BiographyLate Liz (The)Burns, Elizabeth922Bur
Christian LifeHeaven is for RealBurpo, Todd248.2/Bur
BiographyBilly Graham God's AmbassadorBusby, Russ922/Gra
77Bible DictionaryInterpreter's Dictionary Vol.1 A-DButtrick, G.A.R220.7Int.
79Bible DictionaryInterpreter's Dictionary Vol.3 K-QButtrick, G.A.R220.7Int.
80Bible DictionaryInterpreter's Dictionary Vol.4 R-ZButtrick, G.A.R220.7Int.
78Bible DictionaryInterpreter's Dictionary Vol.2 E-JButtrick, G.A..R220,7Int.
715Christian Life -WomanWoman Who Laughed (The)Cable, Mildred249Cab
1223FictionNo One Hears But HimCaldwell, TaylorF/Cal
1224FictionDialogues with The DevilCaldwell, TaylorF/Cal
465EvangelismIt's Time!Cameron, Philip243Cam
755SemonsPotter's Wheel (The)Cameron, W.A.252Cam
1554Sermon - tapeMaste Tape Camnidge, RichardAug.14/1994
1107BiographyIt's Good To Be AliveCampanella, Roy922Cam
1718ClergymenLive Coal from the Altar(A)Campbell, Ken253Cam
742YouthIdeas for Social ActionCampolo, Anthony249.1Cam
1532Home VideoIf I Had to Live ver AgainCampolo, Tony921Cam #4
1514Home Vedeo 2XJesusCampus Crusade232Jes#6/2
1818EvangelismUntil Everyone Has HeardCampus Crusade269.2Cam
228NT - CommentaryGood News by a Man Named JohnCanadian Bible Society226Can
1225FictionChicken Soup for the SoulCanfiled, JackF/Can
1871FictionRebekah -Women of GenesisCard,Orson ScottF/Car
592Christian LifeFrom the Mountains of L'AbriCarlson, Betty248.4Car
386DevotionIfCarmichael, Amy240Car
467Prayer 6X (2- 253.5)CarCarothers, Merlin R.248Car
468PrayerBringing Heaven Into HellCarothers, Merlin R.243Car
1110BiographyPrison to PraiseCarothers, Merlin R.922Car
1067BiographyPraying HydeCarre, E.G.921Hyd
1840BiographyHour Before Daylight (An)Carter, Jimmy921/Car
143CommentaryYour BibleCassels, Louis220.6Cas
597Christian LifeWhere Are You Taking the World...?Cassidy, Michael248.4Cas
808Social TheologyPassing Summer (The)Cassidy, Michael261.7Cas
1834BiographyJohnWycliffe-Herald of the Reform.Caughey, Ellen921/Wyc
1536CassetteHearing God-Pat Robertson (2 cCBN211Hea #74
1512Home VideoTen Commandments(The) 2 vol.Cecil B. DeMille's226Ten #15
601Personal ReligionHelp! - I'm A LaymanChafin, Kenneth248.4Cha
1040LiteratureSilkChaikin, Linda813.54Cha
1041LiteraturePort RoyalChaikin, Linda813.54Cha
438DevotionMy Utmost for His HighestChambers, Oswald242.2Cha
SermonsStudies in the Sermon on athe MountChambers, Oswald226.9/Cha
898Religious EducationYelling For HelpChapman, Marie268Cha
1791Music tapeChristian SongsChoir#91
1112BiographyCaught with My Mouth OpenChristensen, Winnie922Chr
506Prayer 2X (264.1Chr)What Happens When Women PrayChristenson, Evelyn248Chr
718Family LifeChristian Family (The)Christenson, Larry249Chr
740MissionLove is More Than WordsChristoffel, E.J.249Chr
1227FictionSilent Search (The)Clark, Marjorie A.F/Cla
1113Biography 2XTen Fingers for God (2nd-923Cla)Clarke Wilson, Dorothy922Cla
1555Sermon - tapeSummer FellowshipClarke, Ken & AnnAug.18,1993
1556Sermon - tapeSummer FellowshipClarke, Major Wm.SJul.28,1993
1909Bible - JuniorBible Picture StoriesClarkIrwin&Co.Ltd.J220.95.Cla
186PropheticABC's of the Prophetical Scriptures (The)Clement, George H.224Cle
1228FictionSome Strange JoyClifford, Laurie B.F/Cli
1557Sermon - tapeGod Leads UsClubine, JimAug.13,1995
1632Music - tapeSaints in Praise Vol.1COGIC Mass Choir245Sai #60
719Family LifeCommunication, Sex & MoneyCole, Edwin L.249Col
207NT - CommentaryMark - Tyndale 2Cole, R. Alan225.7Col
214NT - CommentaryGalatians -Tyndale 9Cole, R.Alan225.7Col
751Pastoral TheologyDiscoveryColeman, Lyman250Col
1053BiographyWho Speaks for God?Colson, Charles W.921Col
1945BibleEvidence Bible (The)Comfort, Ray225/Com
1496JuniorStories and Poems for ChildrenConcordia Publ.housJ268.432/Con
717Christian LifeGod Breaks InCongdon, Ruth L.249Con
1733Christian LifeWord Bread CupConsultation on Church248.2Con
513EssaysInspirationThree(Conwell, Emerson, Allen)Conwell,Russell248Con
995Social SciencesBrownie HandbookCook, Lynn355.4Coo
960Church HistoryNoble Army (A)Cooke, R.N.270Coo
164Jesus ChristBehold the ManCornell, George220.95Cor
148WorshipLet Us WorshipCornwall, Judson220.7Cor
167BibleLet Us Draw NearCornwall, Judson221.7Cor
127CommentaryPanorama of The BibleCorston, John B.220.02Cor
1229FictionSilver Chalice (The)Costain, Thomas B.F/Cos
328Jesus ChristOnce A CarpenterCounts, Bill232.95Cou
987Christian LifeSuddenly Single - MediationsCourtney, Ragan301.42Cou
1649CassetteWhat Happens When Women PrayCristenson, Evelyn#85Wha
258NT - SermonsRevelation Vol.4Criswell, W.A.228Cri
904Religious EducationHow to Build Up Your Church SchoolCrossland, Weldon268.1Cro
387DevotionDay unto Day - Year 2Crossroads Ministry240Day
388DevotionDay unto Day - Spring Year 2Crossroads Ministry240Day
389DevotionDay unto Day - Summer Year 2Crossroads Ministry240Day
391DevotionDay unto Day - Winter Year 2Crossroads Ministry240Day
1655RecordTake Me BackCrouch, Andreae &..Rec.#3
PsalmsSinging the Song of the BrokenheartedCrowder, Bill223.2/Cro
175Bible OTLiving Books of Moses (Paraphrased)Crusade Edition222.1Cru
470EvangelismChurches Where The Action Is!Crysdale, Stewart243Cry
193OT - PsalmsPsalms for Daily NeedsCslkins, Raymond223Cal
790United ChurchChoice in ChangeCumming, Ivan E.261Cum
1731Christian LifeWinning God's WayCunningham,Loren243Cun
150Bible - PictorialCreation Picture Bible (Genesis-Exodus)D.C.Cook Publ.Col213Coo
1015Arts & GamesHow toMake&UseOverheadTransparance.Darkes, Anna S.741.26Dar
1093BiographyHorseman of the KingDavey, Cyril921Wes
1098BiographyNever Say Die-The Story of Gladys AylwardDavey, Cyril922Ayl
187OT BibleCaptivity (The)David C.Cook Publ.Co.222Coo
1079BiographyDiary of Samuel Marchbanks (The)Davies, Robertson921Mar
1003Medical SciencesLet's Get WellDavis, Adelle613.2Dav
1008Medical SciencesLet's Eat Right To Keep FitDavis, Adelle641.1Dav
418Christian EthicsLord, If I Ever Needed You It's Now!Davis, Creath241Dav
604Christian LifeSent To Be VulnerableDavis, Creath248.4Dav
943Spiritual RenewalWhen the Fire FellDavis, George T.B.269Dav
1701United ChurchU.C.W. - Women Work & …Davy, Shirley262.9Uni
419Christian EthicsBridge is Love (The)de Boer, Hans241DeB
944Spiritual RenewalWitnessing Community (The)De Dietrich, Suzanne269DeD
811Christian LifeBridge is Love, (The)deBoer, Hans A.261.8Boe
1570Sermon - tapeBehold Your KingDeGangi,Marino.Dr.Apr.11,1976
606Christian LifeHappiness Is Not An AccidentDeHaan, Richard W.248.4Deh
1913VCRLand of theSevenChurches (Vol.1)DeHaan,&DeYoung#
1717Christian LifeHow to Live withYourself&OthersdeHaan,Richard W.248deH
608Christian Life 2XOvercoming Tension When... (253.5Den)Denniing, Harry M.248.4Den
1558Sermon - tapeHow to Strengthen Your ChurchDenning, Harry, Rev.Oct.25,1992
1559Sermon - tapeQuestionsDenning, Harry, Rev.Feb.21,1993
1560Sermon - tapeLet Your Troubles Be Your AlliesDenning, Harry, Rev.Mar.7,1993
1561Sermorn - tapeMaster TapeDenning, Harry, Rev.Mar.14,1993
1562Sermon - tapeSummer FellowshipDenning, Harry, Rev.July 14,1993
1563Sermon - tapeEvery Day Can Be A Good DayDenning, Harry, Rev.Aug.1,1993
1564Sermon - tapeSecret of Finding Patience (The)Denning, Harry, Rev.Aug.8, 1993
1565Sermon - tapeMagin of Believing (The)Denning, Harry, Rev.Aug.15,1993
1566Sermon - tapeLive at Peace with Your NervesDenning, Harry, Rev.Aug.22,1993
1567Sermon - tapeMaster TapeDenning, Harry, Rev.Aug.21,1993
1568Sermon - tapeMaster TapeDenning, Harry, Rev.Mar.12,1995
607Christian LifeGive it To Me Straight, DoctorDennison, A. Dudley248.4Den
431DevotionBlade of Grass (A)DePree, G. & G.242.2DeP
392Devotion 2 XBlade of Grass (The)DePree, Gladys &Gordon240DeP
2LibraryDewey Decimal 9th EditionDewey, Melvin
3LibraryDewey Decimal 10th EditionDewey, Melvin
232EvangelismHappy People (The) - MeditationsDi Gangi, Mariano226.2DiG
1419JuniorJesus by the Sea of GalileeDiamon, LucyJ220.9505/Dia
863MissionsThese My PeopleDickson, Lillian266Dic
933Religious EducationTeaching Junior Highs SuccessfullyDoan, Eleanor L.268.4331Doa
1493JuniorMissionary Stories for JuniorsDoan, Eleanor L.J266.008/Doa
1424JuniorSmall Child's Boble (A)Doane, PelagieJ220.9505/Doa
1127BiographySelected to LiveDobschiner, Johanna R.922Dob
716Christian Life-DisciplineDare to Discipline 2 XDobson, James249Dob
1140BiographyTaste of New Wine (The) -Leader's GuideDoing, Robert B.922Mil
886MissionsThree Great BooksDooley, Tom266.09Doo
1230FictionMagnificent ObsessionDouglas, Lloyd C.F/Dou
1231FictionRobe (The)Douglas, Lloyd C.F/Dou
1689FictionBig Fisherman (The)Douglas, Lloyd C.F/Dog
1425JuniorStory Time OneDowman, PamelaJ220.9505/Dow
515LoveThis Insanity Called LoveDrakeford, John W.248Dra
1055BiographyGame (The)Dryden, Ken921Dry
1042LiteratureJoan'n' The WhaleDuckworth, John813.54Duc
571Christian LifeWhen You're Feeling LonelyDurham, Chearles248.3Dur
Christian LifeYou are the treasure that I seekDutcher, Greg248.4/Dut
299Jesus ChristLife, the Question and the Answer (The)Ebbutt, A.J.232Ebb
1115BiographyHalf-Way to FaithEccles, Lord922Ecc
997Christian LifeHe Leadeth MeEdman, Raymond358Edm
979Religious EducationMe, You, and GodEdmonson, George291.4Edm
159Bible - AtlasEerdmans' Atlas of the BibleEerdmans Wm.B.Publ.220.9Eer
PrayingPraying with ConfidenceEgner, David242.2Egn
Chronic PainPain Free(How to get rid of ChronicPain)Egoscue, Pete244/Ego
572Christian LifeWhat Every Christian Should Know...Eims, LeRoy248.3Eim
74Bible -CommentaryAbingdon Bible CommmentaryEiselen, F.C.220.7Eis
812Social TheologySocial Teachings of Can. Chuuches(The)Elgee, Em. H.261.8Elg
279GodSlow and Certain Light (A)Elliot, Elisabeth231.1Ell
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686Christian LifeLiberty of Obedience (The)Elliot, Elisabeth248.6Ell
1056BiographyTwelve Baskets of CrumbsElliot, Elisabeth921Ell
1162BiographyWho Shall AscendElliot, Elisabeth922Str
194OT - PsalmsPsalms (The)Ellison, H.L.223Ell
300Jesus ChristJesus Story (The)Emerson, Wm.A. Jr.232Eme
1057BiographyFacing the TigerEndicot, Shirley J.921End
195OT - JobJob - A Man Tried as GoldEpp, Byeodore H.223Epp
1327JuniorRunaway at the Running KEpp, MargaretJ/Epp
358ProphecyBrief Outlines of This To ComeEpp, Theodore H.236Epp
1647CassetteIn Defence of FreedomEvangelical Fellowsh#83Def
877MissionsFred Victor Mission Story (The)Fagan, Cary266.022Fag
1657RecordChristsmas AlbumFahey's, JohnRec. #5
1232FictionTrudy in DemandFaid, Mary A.F/Fai
1233FictionTrudy's Island HolidayFaid, Mary A.F/Fai
1234FictionTrudy on Her OwnFaid, Mary A.F/Fai
1235FictionSchoolma'am TrudyFaid, Mary A.F/Fai
1236FictionTrudy's Small CornerFaid, Mary A.F/Fai
1237FictionTrudy MarriedFaid, Mary A.F/Fai
1238FictionTrudy and FamilyFaid, Mary A.F/Fai
1786Music tapeChristian SongsFairchild, Barbara#89
393Christian MoralTrojan Horse (Homosexuality)Faris, Donald L.240Far
138Bible - Intro.New King James Version (The)Farstad, Arthur L.220.4Far
945Spiritual RenewalHope For Your ChurchFickett, Harold Jr.269Fic
1020GamesGood Clean FunFinley, Tom793Fin
473EvangelismPower from On HighFinney, Charles G.243Fin
394Christian MoralPower On HighFinnney, Charles240Fin
609Christian LifeGod's Voice to The ProFisher, L.248.4Fish
1851Jesus ChristMiracles of Jesus (The)Flynn, Leslie B.232.9Fly
474EvangelismOne Way to Change The WorldFord, Leighton243For
958Spiritual RenewalChristian Persuader (The)Ford, Leighton269.2For
341Man - SalvationSeven Last Words of The Church (The)Ford, Neighbour234Nei
887MissionsLast Days on The NileForsberg, Malcolm266.09For
52PrayerThree Meanings (The)Forsdick, Hary E.217For
376ApologeticsYes, but...- Reasonable questionsForster, Roger239For
1782Sermon -tapeMissionary - KenyaForsyth, HeatherJun.2,1992
1418JuniorLife of Saint Paul (The)Fosdick, Harry E.J225.924/Pau
1426JuniorFirst Steps Bible Stories for Childr.Foster, CharlesJ220.9505/Fos
1896BiographyMy Grandma's MemoriesFoster, emily922/Ton
215NT - CommentaryEphesians -Tyndale 10Foulkes, Francis225.7Fou
1239FictionLittle Shepherd of Kingdom ComeFox, John Jr.F/Fox
1749VideotapeBible(The) …in the beginningFoxvideoVHS102221Bib #26
520Personal ReligionHow to Stay Alive All Your LifeFranke, C.W.248Fra
1059BiographyMan's Search for MeaningFrankl, Viktor921Fra
767Sermons - for ChilsrenSmile! Jesus is LordFranzen, Lavern G.252.53Fra
1940Bible/KoranKey Verses Bible/KoranFrederick, Austin220.6/Fre
395Christian MoralGod Meets Us Where We AreFreer, Harold W.240Fre
975Other ReligionsMennonites in Ontario (The)Fretz, J.Winfield289.7Fre
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206NT - CommentaryMatthew - Tyndale 1Frnace, R.T.225.7Fra
1955AntichristHow Democracy will Elect…Froese, Arno262.4/Fro
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294Holy SpiritAglow With The SpiritFrost, Robert C.231.3Fro
WorshipSun Stand StillFurtick, Steven248.3/Fur
573Christian LifeMister God, This is AnnaFynn248.2Fyn
1888BiographyAnna &Mister GodFynn/Papas922/FYN
1620Tape - ScriptureGod's Word for Today's KidsG.T.Halo Express232 God #2
1629Scripture - tapeGod's Word for Today's KidsG.T.Halo Express232God #56
35ChristianityChristianity TodayGaebelein, Frank E.205Gae
FictionB less This HouseGaiser, GloriaF/Gai
FictionBy This FireGaiser, GloriaG/Gai
1938FictionBless This HouseGaither, GloriaF/Gai
1939FictionBy This FireGaither, GloriaF/Gai
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1569Sermon - tapeMaster TapeGelter, AlecOct.31,1999
1895Sermon - tapeComingOne-WorldReligion (The)Gendrom, MikeCompass
1898Sermon - tapeDoctrins of DemonsGendron, MikeCompass
1899Sermon - tapeGod and the Gushy GospelGendron, MikeCompass
999Religious EducatrionAudio-Visual Medial in Christian EducationGetz, Gene A.371.33Get
947Spiritual RenewalGod's Frozen PeopleGibbs, Mark269Gib
1251FictionPartnersGill, Grace L.F/Hil
284Holy SpiritLet's Quit Fighting About the Holy SpiritGillquist, Peter E.231.3Gil
611Christian LifeFarewell to The Fake I.D.Gillquist, Peter E.248.4Gil
756SermonsHandbook For Spiritual SurvivalGillquist, Peter E.252Gil
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239NT - St. LukeParables of Conflict in Luke(The)Glen, J.Stanley226.8Gle
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1952VCR - JesusJoshuaGoldwyn/Abraham# 41
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1928FictionChristmas Bride (The)Grace L. HillF/Hil
1929FictionMarisGrace L. HillF/Hil
1930FictionMirandaGrace L. HillF/Hil
1931FictionMystery FlowersGrace L. HillF/Hil
1932FictionNot Under the LawGrace L. HillF/Hil
1933FictionPartnersGrace L. HillF/Hil
1926FictionAstraGrace Livingston HillF/Hil
1934FictionProdigal GirlGrace, L.HillF/Hil
1935FictionRainbow CottageGrace, L.HillF/Hil
1936FictionRose GalbraithGrace, L.HillF/Hil
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285Holy SpiritHoly Spirit (The)Graham, Billy231.3Gra
346AngelsAngels, Angels, AngelsGraham, Billy235Gra
357ProphecyStorm WarningGraham, Billy236.2Gra
364ProphecyTill ArmageddonGraham, Billy236.4Gra
377ApologeticsBilly Graham Answers Your QuestionsGraham, Billy239Gra
475Evangelism 2 XHow to Be Born Again (253Gra)Graham, Billy243Gra
757Sermons 2 XPeace With GodGraham, Billy252Gra
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743YouthWhere Flies Don't LandGraham, Jerry249.1Gra
1954BiographyBroken Heart(InEveryPewSits)Graham, Ruth922/Gra
Daily DevotionsLetters from Ruth's AtticGraham, Ruth Bell242/Gra
BiographyDecision(Special CommemortivaeIssue)Graham,RuthBell922/Gra
1643CassettePeace with GodGraham's Classic252Gra #78
1240FictionThief in the Night (The)Grant, JimF/Gra
1119BiographyTime for RememberingGrapham, Ruth Bell922Gra
FictionStories for the Family's HeartGray, A.(compiled)F/Gra
1709FictionMore Stories for the HeartGray, Alice(compile)F/Gra
1794FictionStories for the HeartGray, Alice(compile)F/Gra
1848FictionStories for a Woman's HeartGray, Alice(compile)F/Gra
1889FictionStories for the HeartGray, Alice(compile)F/Gra
1500JuniorStories Jesus ToldGray, Ruth S.J268.6/Gra
1521Home VideoDavid &Goliath &Daniel&Lions(the)Greatest Adventure221Da v #9
1522Home VideoNoah's Ark & The CreationGreatest Adventure221Noa #7
1523Home VideoQueen EstherGreatest Adventure221Que #18
1856Tape Star BrightGreeley, Andrew M.#92
1571Sermon - tapeMaster TapeGreen, DonAug.7,1994
1914SermonAppointed for a Purpose'Green, DonJun.6/04
223NT - CommentaryPeter 2 & Jude -Tyndale18Green, Michael225.7Gre
1623Music - tapeJoy to The World(Christ.music)Green, Steve232.1Gre #4
1662RecordSongs for ShepherdGreen,Keith(SparrowRec. #10
264Christian TheologyTheology and the Cure of Souls - Intro.Greeves,Frederic230Gre
FictionSilver MountainGriffin, PamelaF/Gri
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1785Sermon -tapeParable of the Good SamaritanGriffith, G. Rev.Jul.29,2001
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Christian LifeWhat to doWhenYou don't KnowWha...Groehlich,Mary &PW248.4/Fro
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524Christian FriendshipMany Faces of Friendship (The)Guder, Eileen248Gud
613Christian LifeGod, But I'm BoredGuder, Eileen248.4Gud
698Christian LifeWe're Never AloneGuder, Eileen248.843Gud
1399JuniorNobody Listens to AndrewGuilfoile, ElizabethJ/Gui
980Other ReligionsEast, No Exit (The)Guinness, Os294Gui
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229NT - JohnPlain Talk on The Epistles of JohnGutzke,Manford G.226Gut
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145CommentaryHidden PicturesHabershon, Ada R.220.64Hdab
614Christian LifeHow To Win Over WorryHaggai, John E.248.4Hag
1882Sermon CD 2XEternity 100 millionHaggee, JohnCD #2
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1245FictionKirsty Affair (The0Hall, DouglasF/Hal
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1735StewardshipSteward(The) Byblical SymbolHall, Douglas J.248.6Hal
81Bible - PictorialBook of Life (The) Vol.1Hall, Marshall220.6Hal
82Bible - PictorialBook of Life (The) Vol.2Hall, Marshall220.6Hal
83Bible - PictorialBook of Life (The) Vol.3Hall, Marshall220.6Hal
84Bible - PictorialBook of Life (The) Vol.4Hall, Marshall220.6Hal
85Bible - PictorialBook of Life (The) Vol.5Hall, Marshall220.6Hal
86Bible - PictorialBook of Life (The) Vol.6Hall, Marshall220.6Hal
87Bible - PictorialBook of Life (The) Vol.7Hall, Marshall220.6Hal
88Bible - PictorialBook of Life (The) Vol.8Hall, Marshall220.6Hal
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1865ChristmasChristmas Story(The)Stained glassHalliday, S.(Photo.)232/Hal
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429Devotional LiteratureBetween SundaysHalverson, Richard C.242Hal
616Christian LIfeBe Yourself... and God'sHalverson, Richard C.248.4Hal
1678World ReligionsCompactGuide to World ReligionsHalverson,Dean C.291Hal
265Christian TheologyRevolt Against HeavenHamilton, Kenneth230Ham
1847Junior TheologyBible Stories365&Verse…Hamlyn220.95Ham
1064BiographyNo Small LegacyHancock, Carol L.921Han
1199BiographyThere's a Raccoon in my ParkaHancock, Lyn923Hdan
704Christian Life -WomanLove, Honor, & Be FreeHancock, Maxine248.843Han
1001Social SciencesI Didn't Ask To Be a GirlHancock, Maxine376Han
1574Sermon - tapeMaster TapeHankins, GeraldMar.21,1993
1027GamesNew Fun Encyclopedia -Skits, PlaysHarbin, E.O.795Har
1416JuniorMighty Acts of God (The)Hardie, John B.J220.7/Har
478EvangelismCountdownHardy, G.B.243Har
1537Cassette-Bible KNew Testament (The)-16 tapesHarmony Records223Bib
783Christian ChurchPublic Relations for ChurchesHarral, Stewart254Har
839MarriageGood Marriagews GrowHarrell, Irene265.5Har
1575Sermon - tapeMission Emphasis SundayHarrison, Don. Dr.May 16,1999
1576Sermon - tapeMaster TapeHarrison, Don. Dr.July .16,2000
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940Religious EducationHow to Teach The Mentally RetardedHawley, Gloria H.268.6Haw
900Religious EducationYou Can't Begin Too SoonHaystead, Wesley268Hay
94DictionaryConcise English DictionaryHayward, A.L.R403Hay
1488JuniorI Had a Bad DreamHayward, LindaJ249/Hay
1489JuniorWhy Did Grandpa Die?Hazen, BarbaraJ249/Haz
1520Home VideoShadowlandsHBO921Lew #28
456PrayerShout For JoyHead, David242.8Hea
25Religion & PsychologyPeace With The Restless MeHearn Janice W.152.4Hea
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1965TapeGoal Life (The)Henderson, Paul#97
1460JuniorJesus was Their FriendHenderson, ZelphaJ225.922/Hen
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723Family LifeSay it With LoveHendricks, Howard G.249Hen
949Spiritual RenewalDisciples are Made - not bornHenrichsen, Walter A.269Hen
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260NT - RevelationGod, Revelation & Authority Vol.2Henry, Carl F.H.228Hen
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76Bible -CommentaryMatthew Henry Commentary Vol.2Henry, Mathew220.7Hen
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128CommentaryHow Our Bible Came to UsHerklots, H.G.G.220.1Her
1499JuniorKathy Ann KindergartenHeron, Frances D.J268.4323/Her
301Jesus ChristWe Would See JesusHession, Roy & Revel232Hes
1464JuniorSecret of the Star (The)Hill, DaveJ226.2/Hil
1246FictionCrimson MountainHill, Grace L.F/Hil
1247FictionGirl to Come Home To (A)Hill, Grace L.F/Hil
1248FictionBrentwoodHill, Grace L.F/Hil
1249FictionBright ArrowsHill, Grace L.F/Hil
1250FictionHomingHill, Grace L.F/Hil
1799FictionWhite Flower (The)Hill, Grace L.F/Hil
1964FictionLike a Watered GardenHill, PattiF/Hil
982Social SciencesWoman Doctor Looks at Love and Life(A)Hilliard, Marion301.41Hil
1900Sermon - tapeSevenUseBibleProphecyLiesHindson, EdCompass
1121BiographyHansi The Girl Who Loved the SwastikaHirschmann, Maria A.922Hir
959Spiritual RenewalShare Your FaithHitt, Russell T.269.2Hit
261NT - RevelationCosmic Drama (The)Hobbs, Herschel H.228Hob
1573Sermon - tapeReading: Philippians 3:7-11Hogan, PaulJul.24,1994
1577Sermon - tapeSummer FellowshipHogan, PaulAug.4,1993
1021GamesCompact Enclopedia of Games (A)Hohenstein, Mary793Hoh
1252FictionTwo From GalileeHolmes, MarforieF/Hol
834WorshipWho Am I, God?Holmes, Marjorie264.13Hol
1065BiographyHold Me Up A Little Longer, LordHolmes, Marjorie921Hol
950Spiritual RenewalTomorrow's ChurchHolmes, Wm. A.269Hol
122HymnsHymns for The Living ChurchHope Publ.Co.783Hym
970Protestant TheologyLayman's GuideHordern, Wm284Hor
876MissionsHour to The Stone Age (An)Horne,Shirley266.00995Hor
976Other ReligionsMennonite LifeHostetler, John A.289.7Hos
923Religious EducationYou're in the Teen-Age GenerationHostetler, Paul268.433Hos
1894Sermon - tapeGarden of Eden - Wow!Hovind, KentCompass
1896Sermon - tapeAge of the EarthHovind, KentCompass
1897Sermon - tapeWhyEvolutionists areChanging Hovind, KentCompass
286Holy SpiiritBy The Power of the Holy SpiritHoward, David M.231.3How
1066BiographyVictor (The)Howard, David M.921How
166Christology Lively Oracles (The)Howse, Ernest M.221.1How
1893Church workBent HopeHuff, Tim261.8/Huf
1895Social ProblrmsDancing with DynamiteHuff, Tim261.8/Huf
634Christian Life - SatanSatan's WhispersHughes, Robert D.235.4Hug
1667RecordMan With A Message (2Sermons)Humbard,Rex Int.TRec. #15
1660RecordTen Favourite HymnsHumbard,RexTV MRec. #8
1727Christian LifeHow to Live Life&Love itHumbard. Rex240Hum
977Other ReligionsWorld's Living Religions (The)Hume, Bert290Hum
699Christian LifeMs. Means MyselfHunt, Gladys248.843Hun
619Christian LifeAbove All ElseHunt, June248.4Hun
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1253FictionAnnalisaHunter, ChristineF/Hun
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1122BiographyGod FabulousHunter, Frances G.922Hun
621Christian LifeLife is Yours - Take ItHunter, Gordon C.248.4Hun
1625Music - tapeWondrous Night(X-mas Story)Huntley Street 100245Hun #50
1626Music - tapeSilver Anniversary - 25thHuntley Street 100245Hun #51
266Bible StoryHurlbut's Story of the BibleHurlbut, Jesse L.230Hur
303Jesus ChristLife of Christ for Young & OldHurlbut, Jesse L.232Hur
1254FictionHinds' Feet on High PlacesHurnard, HannahF/Hur
1123BiographyBeyond CombatHutchens, James M.922Hut
1328JuniorSugar Creec Gang - the Blue CowHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1329Junior 2XSugar Creek Gang - the Cemetery VandalsHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1330Junior 2XSugar Creek Gang - the Battle of the BeesHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1331JuniorSugar Creek Gang - the Swamp RobberHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1332JuniorSugar Creek Gang - the Lost CampersHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1333JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the Chicago AdventureHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1334JuniorSugar Creek Gang -the Secrect HideoutHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1335JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the Mystery CaveHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1336JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the Mystery ThiefHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1337JuniorSugar Creek Gang-Teacher TroubleHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1338JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the Indian CemeteryHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1339JuniorSugar Creek Gang-on the MexicanBorderHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1340JuniorSugar Creek Gang-Green Tent MysteryHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1341JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the Bull-FighterHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1342JuniorSugar Creek Gang-Trapline ThiefHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1343JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the Timber WolfHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1344JuniorSugar Creek Gang-Western AdventureHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1345JuniorSugar Creek Gang-theColoradoKidnappingHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1346JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the Runaway RescueHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1347JuniorSugar Creek Gang-Locked in the AtticHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1348JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the Ghost DogHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1349JuniorSugar Creek Gang-the White Boat RescueHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1397JuniorFurther Adventures of the Sugar CrHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1398JuniorLost in a Sugar Creek BlizzardHutchens, PaulJ/Hut
1032LiteratureMother's Day GreetingsIdeals Publication808Ide
878Missions30 Years in Sing SingIngles, James266,022Ing
1255FictionWoman of Samaria (A)Ingles, James W.F/Ing
ParablestheParables Understanding What JesusInrig, Gary226.8/Inr
302Jesus ChristJesus Christ - Lord of The UniverseInter Varsity Press232Int
338Man - SalvationFull AssuranceIronside H.A.234Iro
1256FictionServant of SlavesIrwin, GraceF/Irw
1124BiographyTo Rule the NightIrwin, James B.922Irw
1690BiographyThree Lives in MineIrwing, Grace922Irw
623Christian LifeThe God-PlayersJabay, Earl248.4Jab
1668RecordChristmas with MahaliaJackson, MahaliaRec. #16
1017Arts & GamesReady-to-Use Cartoons for ChurchJackson, Phil741.5Jdac
27EthicsJews God's People (The)Jacoby, Hilla & Max174Jac
356ProphecyWar in The Middle EastJeffrey, Grant R.236.1Jef
359ProphecyHeaven - The Last FrontierJeffrey, Grant R.236Jef
370ProphecyArmageddon - Appointment with DestinyJeffrey, Grant R.236.8Jef
1771FictionView from the TopJensen, MargaretF/Jen
Christianity&CultureI never thought I'd See the DayJeremiah, David Dr.277/Jer
Prayers/MeditationsSigns of LifeJeremiah, David Dr.242.2/Jer
WorldPoliticsWhat in theWorld is Going on?Jeremiah, David Dr.236.9/Jer
1669RecordLiberating Wailing Wall FavoritesJews for JesusRec. #17
Christian LifeHe;s gone Toot and I/m gonna ScootJohnson, Barbara248.4/Joh
1126BiographyNo Time to WasteJohnson, Margaret922Joh
1125BiographyPostmark: Mekong DeltaJohnson, Raymond W.922Joh
924Religious EducationWays toPlan & Organize YourSun.SchoolJohnson, Rex E.268.433Joh
1396JuniorAgents 14Johnson, Rugh I.J/Joh
1350JuniorJoy Sparton & Here Problem TwinJohnson, Ruth I.J/Joh
624Christian LifeIdentityJohnston, Mini J.248.4Joh
1846Junior TheologyFriends TogetherJohnston, NancyJ226.8Joh
874MissionsOperation World - HandbookJohnstone, P.J.266.003Joh
433DevotionWay (The)Jones, E. Stanley242.2Jon
452DevotionIn ChristJones, E. Stanley242.2Jon
240NT - BeatitudesChrist of The Mount (The)Jones, E.Stanley226.9Jon
274Christian TheologyDivine Yes (The)Jones, E.Stanley231Jon
14MeetingsParliamentary ProceduresJones, Garfield O.060.4Jon
1409JuniorSmall RainJones, Jessie O.J220/Jon
1389JuniorGod Speaks to MeJones, MaryJ/Jon
1410Junior 2XTell me about the Bible(2nd-220.Jones, Mary A.J220/Jon
1473JuniorTell Me about GodJones, Mary A.J231/Jon
1482JuniorTell Me About HeavenJones, Mary A.J236.24/Jon
1484JuniorTell Me About PrayerJones, Mary A.J248.3/Jon
1631Music - tapeSilent StrengthJones, Shirley245Jon #59
Christian LifeFinding A Spiritual FriendJones, Timothy248.4/Jon
1719Salvation ArmyOld Corps (The)Joy, Edward H.267Joy
1490JuniorNever Talk to StrangersJoyce, IrmaJ249/Joy
1039LiteratureLighting of the AcolyteJump, Linda M.808.87Jum
725Family LifeYou're Ourt of Date, God?Jurgensen, Barbara249Jur
1022GamesBible Words Crossword PuzzlesKananen, Marvin793Kan
1877FictionA Home in MitfordKaron, JanF/Kar
1957FictionThese High Green HillsKaron, JanF/Kar
726FAmily LifeProtecting Your Children from Sexual...Katz, William249Kat
1188BiographyLucy WinchesterKauffman, Christmas C.922Win
1023GamesPuzzles for All SeasonsKauffman, Martha K.793Kau
1024GamesBible Acrostic PuzzlesKeating, Sally793Kea
1495JuniorHere's How and WhenKeiser, Armilda B.J268.1/Kei
1257FictionMaryaKeister, ElinorF/Kei
864MissionsSpendour from the SeaKeller, Phillip266Kel
1004Christian LifeTaming TensionKeller, W. Phillip614Kel
1197BiographyGerhard - A Love StoryKennedy, Betty922.08Ken
727Family LifeGod of Great Surprises (The)Kennedy, D.James249Ken
267ParadoxesLion and the Lamb (The)Kennedy, Gerald230Ken
1883Sermon - tapeHow I Know There is GodKennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1884Sermon - tapeModern Tower of Babel (The)Kennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1885Sermon - tapeJohn BunyanKennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1886Sermon - tapeSocialismKennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1887Sermon - tapeGod's GloryKennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1888Sermon - tapeFive Point of Calvinishm (The)Kennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1889Sermon - tapeCrumbling of Evolution (The)Kennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1890Sermon - tapeCollapse of Evolution (The)Kennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1891Sermon - tapeMore Christians Like JohnKnoxKennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1892Sermon - tapeBeing a ProtestantKennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1893Sermon - tapeHow I Know Christ RoseKennedy,D. JamesCoral Ridge
1831Bible StudyKerygma-BibleStudy in DepthKerygma Resource220.7Kar
831WorshipSteps to Prayer PowerKimmel, Jo264.1Kim
1891Christian FamilyExtreme GrandparentingKimmel,Tim&Darcy249/Kim
1915FictionCape LightKindade,T/SpencerF/Kin
120Bible KJVHoly Bible (The)King James Version220.2Jam
1541Cassettes - BiblePsalms - ProverbsKing James Version221Psa
1071BiographyKissinger Man of Peace?Kirban, Salem921Kis
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Life after deathOne Minute After you DieLutzer, Erwin W.236.2/Lut
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FictionAlibis in ArkansasLynxwiler, ChristineF/Lyn
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HeavenThe Boy who came mack from HeavenMalarkey,Kevin&Alex236.24/Mal
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1278FictionJulieMarshall, CatherineF/Mar
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1353JuniorHopes fulfilled for PeggyMartin, DorothyJ/Mar
1354JuniorChapter closed for Peggy (A)Martin, DorothyJ/Mar
1355JuniorWider horizons for PeggyMartin, DorothyJ/Mar
1356JuniorHeart's surrender for PeggyMartin, DorothyJ/Mar
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1585Sermon - tapeMaster TapeMcQueen, AngusDec.13,1997
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Christian Lifethe Battle Belongs to the LordMeyer, Joyce248/Mey
DecilEitht Ways to Keep theDevil under...Meyer, Joyce235.4/Mey
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1243Fiction 2XAnne of Green GablesMontgomery, L.M.F/Mon
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Christian LifeBreaking FreeMoore, Beth248/Moo
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1612Sermon - tapeLiving Happily Ever AfterMumford, Bob252Mum #2
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1450Junior - PsalmsSometimes I am goodMurphy, ElspethC.J223.2/Mur
1451Junior - PsalmsSometimes I need to be juggedMurphy, ElspethC.J223.2/Mur
1452Junior - PsalmsI'm listening, GodMurphy, ElspethC.J223.6Mur
1453Junior - PsalmsIt's My Birthday, GodMurphy, ElspethC.J223.6Mur
1454Junior - PsalmsMake Way for the KingMurphy, ElspethC.J223.6Mur
1455Junior - PsalmsSometimes I get lonelyMurphy, ElspethC.J223.6Mur
1456Junior - PsalmsSometimes I get scaredMurphy, ElspethC.J223.6Mur
1457Junior -Psalms 2What can I say to You,God?Murphy, ElspethC.J223,6Mur
1458Junior -Psalms 2Where Are You, God?Murphy, ElspethC.M223.6Mur
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Jesus (Christmas)I Rejoice (Advent story)Murray, Lawson232/Mur
Jesus (Easter)I Believe (Lenten )Murray, Lawson232.5/Mur
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821WorshipAssembling TogetherNee, Watchman264Nee
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91Bible NKJVNew Geneva Study BibleNelson Publ.R220.7New
92Bible NKJVNelson's Study BibleNelson Publ.R220.7Nel
93Bible NKJVExplorer's BibleNelson Publ.220.5Exp
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1286FictionWhen Breaks the DawnOke, JanetteF/Oke
1287FictionWhen Hope Springs NewOke, JanetteF/Oke
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1289FictionLove Finds a HomeOke, JanetteF/Oke
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1675FictionLove's Enduring PromiseOke, JanetteF/Oke
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1881FictionBeloved Land (The)Oke, JanetteF/Oke
1966FictionLike Gold RefindOke, JanetteF/Oke
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1146BiographyCan God?Orr, J. Edwin922Orr
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Christian LifeYour Best Life NowOsteen, Joes248.4/Ost
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1358Junior 2XDanny Orlis & Deedee's Best FriendPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1359JuniorDanny Orlis & His Big ChancePalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1360JuniorDanny Orlis & Deedee's DefiancePalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1361JuniorDanny Orlis & the Point Barrow MysteryPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1362JuniorDanny Orlis Changes SchoolsPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1363JuniorDanny Orlis Makes the teamPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1364JuniorDanny Orlis & the Alaskan Hwy AdventurePalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1365JuniorDanny Orlis & the Skislope EmergencyPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1366JuniorDanny Orlis & the Football FeudPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1367JuniorDanny Orlis & the Rocks that TalkPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1368JuniorDanny Orlis Forced DownPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1369JuniorDanny Orlis Star BackPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1370JuniorDanny Orlis Plays HockeyPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1371JuniorDanny Orlis & Fritz McCloud,High School...Palmer, BernardJ/Pal
1372JuniorDanny Orlis & the Dry Gulch MysteryPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1373JuniorDanny Orlis & the Canadian CaperPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1374JuniorDanny Orlis & Jim Morgan's ScholarshipPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1375JuniorDanny Orlis & Doug's Big DisappointmentPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1376JuniorJim Dunlap & the Mysterious SpyPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1377JuniorMel Webb & the Stolen Dog MysteryPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1378JuniorDannyOrlis-Trouble on theCircle R RanchPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1379JuniorFelicia Cartright & the Uncut DiamondPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1380JuniorFelicia Cartright & the Storm-Scarred Mtn.Palmer, BernardJ/Pal
1381JuniorFelicia Cartright & the Lone Ski BootPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
1405JuniorDanny Orlis-RockPoint RebelPalmer, BernardJ/Pal
318Jesus ChristJesus - God & ManPannenberg, Wolfhart232Pan
1590Sermon - tapeSummer FellowshipParadkar, BalwantJul.21,1993
1752VideotapeCommandments (The)Vol.1Paramount 6524226Ten #15
1944GospelNew Believer CareParks, Keith225/Par
459PrayerMan Talks With God (A)Parrott, Bob W.242.8Par
1417JuniorChildren Bible Times (The)Patrick, SamJ220.92/Pat
316Jesus ChristWhen the Sun Refused to ShinePatterson, Marney232.5Pat
1640CassetteBeyond the Parish MissionPatterson, Marney265Mis #74
849Spritual Healingand they shall recoverPatterson, Marwood F.265.8Pat
832WorshipPrayers for The Time BeingPauli, Max264.1Pau
1540GameTruth & TriumphPaulsen & Paulsen22Pau #19
1912VCRDay of Discovery (Archiology)PAX Network#
1517Home VideoCrusade-The Life of Billy GrahamPBS266Gra #29
683Christian Life -WitnessWitness, Witness, WitnessPeace, Richard248.5Pea
644Christian LifeYou Can Have God's HelpPeale, Norman V.248.4Pea
647Christian LifePower of Positive Thinking (The)Peale, Norman V.248.4Pea
791CounselingTreasury of Couraage & ConfidencePeale, Norman V.261Pea
1705Christian LifeStay Alive All Your LifePeale, Norman V.248.4Pea
1202BiographyReal and Only Life (The)Peerman, Nancy923Pee
382ApologeticsWith Good ReasonPennington, Chester A.239Pen
289Holy SpiritDivine Comforter (The)Pentecost, J. Dwight231.3Pen
546Christian Life - DivorceDivorced & GhristianPeppler, Alice S.248Pep
867MissionsGod on Yonge St.Percy, Douglas C.266Per
1048BiographyGod on Yonge St.Percy, Douglas C.920Per
1293FictionBeyond the tangled mountainPercy, Douglas C.F/Per
1294FictionHidden ValleyPercy, Douglas C.F/Per
1295FictionPiercing the DarknessPeretti, Frank E.F/Per
1808FictionPresent Darkness (The)Peretti,Frank E.F/Per
15MeetingsCall to OrderPerry, Herb064.4Per
1528Home VideoSpacial Message (A)Peter &Paul Lalond236.6Spe #2
1778Sermon -tapeSeminars & Service (8 tapes)PeterMarshall Rev.249/Mar/1980
1436JuniorDavidPetersham, Maud &J221.924/Dav
1445JuniorShepherd Psalm (The)Petersham, Maud &J222.2Pet
1420JuniorChrist Child (The)Petersham,MaudJ220.9505/Pet
PsalmsPsalms The MessagePeterson, Eugene H.223.2/Pet
547Christian Life - MarriageMarriage Affair (The)Peterson, J.Allan248Pet
1195BiographyTwo Stars for GodPeterson, Wm.922.08Pet
168Commentary - OT.Books of The Old Testament (The)Pfeiffer, Robert H.221Pfe
353ProphesyWhen The Earth QuakesPhillips, Bob236Phi
1427JuniorStories of Jesus for Boys & GirlsPhillips, Ethel M.J220.9505/Phi
189OT - ProphetsFour ProphetsPhillips, J.B.224Phi
199CristianityPlain ChristianityPhillips, J.B.225Phi
277GodYour God is Too SmallPhillips, J.B.231Phi
652Christian LifeGood NewsPhillips, J.B.248.4Phi
1147BiographyRing of TruthPhillips, J.B.922Phi
125Bible StudyExploring The ScripturesPhillips, John220Phi
1591Sermon - tapeCopy TapePhipps, Bill, Rt.Rev.Jan.24,2000
868MissionsThis Way to The HarvestPierce, Bob266Pie
1950BibleChicken Soup BiblePinon Press222.12/Chi
1082BiographyWorld GolferPlayer, Gary921Pla
1164BiographyHudson Taylor & Maria pioneers in ChinaPollock, J.C.922Tay
1061BiographyCrusaders ( 2nd - 922Gra)Pollock, John921Gra
1688FictionApostle (The) A Life of PaulPollock, JohnF/Pol
1905BiographyForeign Devil in China (A)Pollock, John922/Bel
850Spiritual HealingHealing PrayerPortsmouth, Wm.265.8Por
744Youth 2X (269Pos)WhyAm I Afraid To Tell You I'm a ChristianPosterski, Don249.1Pos
745Youth 2 XFriendshipPosterski, Don249.1Pos
1710FictionChosen (The)Potok, ChaimF/Pot
746YouthMaking Youth Programs GoPowell, Terry249.1Pow
Christian Life/PoemFootprints -The StoryBehind the PoemPowers,Marg.Fishback243/Pow
1638Music - tapeLord of HostsPraise Classics245Pra #65
1639Music - tapeLord of PeacePraise Classics245Pra #66
1656RecordPrepare Ye The Way - Pt.1Praise RecordsRec #4
162Bible - WomenUnique World of Women (The)Price, Eugenia220.92Pri
402Christian LifeLearning to LivePrice, Eugenia240Pri
653Personal ReligionEarly Will I Seek TheePrice, Eugenia248.4Pri
654Personal ReligionFind Out for YourselfPrice, Eugenia248.4Pri
656Personal ReligionMake Love Your AimPrice, Eugenia248.4Pri
810Christian LifeWider Place (The)Price, Eugenia261.7Pri
911Religious EducationBeloved WorldPrice, Eugenia268.3Pri
1296FictionBeloved Invader (The)Price, EugeniaF/Pri
1297FictionNew Moon RisingPrice, EugeniaF/Pri
1298FictionDon Juan McQueenPrice, EugeniaF/Pri
1734Christian LifeNever a Dull MomentPrice, Eugenia248.4Pri
342Man - SalvationRepent & BelievePrince, Derek234Pri
1857CD - SongsZoegirl/LifeProducer Nichols,L.CD/1
892Missions..."let's go on!"Pu, Philip266.09Pu
30ChristianityConfessions Of St.Augustine (The)Pussey, E.B.200.1Aug
1516Home VideoWhere Jesus WalkedQuestar Presentation232.9Whe #
1748VideotapeWhere Jesus WalkedQuestar VHS232.9Whe #
952Spiritual RenewalNew Life in The ChurchRaines, Robert A.269Rai
333Jesus ChristResurrection of Christ (The)Ramsey, A.M.232.97Ram
1299FictionBy Grace AloneRay, JulianaF/Ray
1911VCRDay of DiscoveryRBC Ministries#
268Christian TheologyChristian Faith (The)Read, David H.C.230Rea
1511Home VideoJesus -The Story Bigins 3 VolumesReaders Digest226Rea #10
657Christian LifeHow To Live With LifeReader's Digest248.4Rea
1754VideotapeJesus-Vol.1,2,3 #10,11,12Reader's Digest226Rea
180OT - NehemiahVictorious Christian ServiceRedpath,Alan222.8Red
1592Sermon - tapeMaster TapeReeve, Donald Rev.Jul.31,1994
308Jesus ChristWho Is This Man Jesus?Regal Books232Reg
688Christian LifeTo Have & To HoldRenich, Jill248.6Ren
693Christian LifeSo You're A Teenage GirlRenich, Jill248.83Ren
842MarriageTo Hdave And To HoldRenich, Jill265.5Ren
135ConcordanceConcise ConcordanceRevised Standard Vers.220.2Con
1593Sermon - tapeWho is The Holy Spirit?Reynolds,J.B. Dr.Apr.2,1978
1843EvangelismDoulos Story, The)Rhoton, Elaine269.2/Rho
1030LiteratureStory of the Christmans Guest (The)Rice, Helen S.808Ric
1033LiteratureChristmans Keepsake (A)Rice, Helen S.808Ric
1447JuniorStory of Davi (The)Richard,Jean H.J222/Ric
548Personal ReligionWhat's In It For Me?Richards, Larry248Ric
747YouthHow Far I Can GoRichards, Larry249.1Ric
752Pastoral TheologyBecoming One in The SpiritRichards, Larry250Ric
985Christian LifeHow far can I go?Richards, Larry301.41Ric
869MissionsPeace ChildRichardson, Don266Ric
732Family LifeWorking CouplesRichardson, Lois A.249Ric
137BibleTheological Word Book (A)Richardson,A. D.D.220.3Ric
1402Junior/FJacob Two-Two Meets the HoodeRichter, MordecaiJ/Ric
733Family LifeHow ro Be A Christian Without being Perf.Ridenour, Fritz249Rid
488Evangelism 3 XHow To Be A Christian Without.Being Rel.Ridenour, Fritz (249Rid)243Rid/248.83Rid
182Science & ReligionModern Science & the Genesis RecordsRimmer, Harry222.11Rim
403PrayerPrayer: Conversing with GodRinker, Rosalind240Rin
490EvangelismBecoming A ChristianRinker, Rosalind243Rin
550PrayerConversational PrayerRinker, Rosalind248Rin
551PrayerCommunicating Love Through PrayerRinker, Rosalind248Rin
927Religious EducationSometimes God Has A Kid's FaceRitter, Bruce268.433Rit
FictionHer Mother's HopeRivers, FrancineF/Riv
269Chrisrian TheologyPsychotherapy & The Christian...Roberts, David E.230Rob
1725MiraclesDaily Guide to Miracles (A)Roberts, Oral231.73Rob
1084Biography 2X (922Rob)Shout It From The HousetopsRobertson, Pat921Rob
291HolySpiritChristian Experience of the Holy SpiritRobinson, H.Wheeler231.2Rob
1063BiographyGive My HeartRobinson, Marion O.921Hil
1594Sermon - tapeMaster TapeRobinson,Brian Rev.Aug.29,1993
1595Sermon - tapeMaster TapeRobinson,Brian Rev.Aug.28,1994
552EvangelismNo Two Ways About It!Roger, Dale E.248Rog
1726DemonCan aChristianBeDemonPossessedRogers, Ben235.4Rog
554Christian LifeCool It or Lose It!Rogers, Dale E.248.83Rog
578Christian LifeCool it or Lose it!Rogers, Dale E.248.83Rog
1196BiographyGod... Where are you?Rogers, MIckie922.08Rog
309Jesus ChristName Above Every Name (The)Rolls, Charles J.232Rol
1772CommentaryGrowing Slowly WiseBuilding a FRoper, David227.91Rop
1830Bible StudyJacob-The Fools God ChoosesRoper, David222Jac
King -LessonsElishaSeasoned with SaltRoper, David222.54/Rop
981Other ReligionsBridge to BrotherhoodRosenberg, Stuart E.296Ros
1086BiographyHe gave us a valleyRoseveare, Helen921Ros
1149BiographyMargaretRoss, James D.922Ros
1203BiographyDavidRothenberg, Marie923Rot
1428JuniorBible Stories for Little FolkRowe, Edna B.J220.9505/Row
1652FilmstripParents Can Be A ProblemRPM Recording249Par
FictionRoomsRubart,James L.F/Rub
1150BiographyGood-by My SonRudolph, Erwin P.922Rud
1809Sermon -tapeLove Rumball, Bob Dr.Jan.20/2002
843MarriageLive Is a Many Splintered ThingRushford, Patricia H.265.5Rus
405Christian LifeGod CallingRussell, A.J.240Rus
855HealthWhatTheBibleSaysAbout Healthy LivingRussell, Rex261.8Rus
1867BiographyStory of My Life (The)Russell, Rob (intro)922/Jel
295Holy SpiritHoly Spirit (The)Ryrie, Charles C.231.3Ryr
1151Biographyfinger lickin' goodSanders, Col.Harland922San
663Personal ReligionSpiritual Clinic (A)Sanders, J. Oswald248.4San
833WorshipPrayer Power UnlimitedSanders, J. Oswald264.1San
HeavenHeavenSanders, J.Oswald236.24/San
769PastorSpiritual LeadershipSanders, Oswald253San
246Study GuideFruit of the Spirit (The)Sanderson, John W.227.4San
1391JuniorPasture for Peterkin (A)Sanford, AgnesJ/San
1392Junior 2XLte's BelieveSanford, AgnesJ/San
HealingHealing Light (The)Sanford, Agnes234/San
684Christian Life -WitnessArt of Personal Witnessing (The)Sanny. Lorne248.5San
701Christian LifeAre Women Human?Sayers, Dorothy248.843Say
702Christian Life - WomenAll We're Meant to BeScanzoni, Letha248.843Sca
42Bible - CreationGenesis in Space And TimeSchaeffer, Francis213Sch
183Science & ReligionGenesis in Space & TimeSchaeffer, Francis A.222.11Sch
556Christian LifeTrue SpiritualitySchaeffer, Francis A.248Sch
665Personal ReligionTime for Anger (A)Schaeffer, Franky248.4Sch
784Christian ChurchLocal Church Looks to the FutureSchaller, Lyle E.254Sch
1870JudaismTeaching JudaismSchanin, Norman296/Sch
1461JuniorMan Who Couldn't Wait (The)Schek, JoannJ225.924/Pet
1468Junior 2XTwo Men in The TempleSchek, JoannJ226.4/Sch
1444JuniorGarden and Promise (A)Schlegel, Ronald J.J222.111/Sch
293Holy SpiritRuled by the SpiritSchlink, Basilea231.3Sch
500HymnsWell-Spring of JoySchlink, Basilea245Sch
1204BiographyWhen God CallsSchlink, Basilea923Sch
1152BiographyRealitiesSchlink, M. Basilea922Sch
1722Jesus ChristJesus Loves & Suffers TodaySchlink,M.Basilea232.4Sch
1802JesusMary the Mother of JesusSchlink,M.Basilea232.91Sch
734Family LifeFacing Today's ProblemsSchripture Press249Scr
430DevotionDear Lord,They Want ME to Give a...Schroeder, John D.242Sch
748YouthYouth Programs for Special OccasionsSchroeder, Ruth249.1Sch
930Religious EducationYouth Programs for Christian GrowthSchroeder, Ruth268.433Sch
557Christian Life 2 XSelf-Love (253.2Sch)Schuller, Robert H.248Sch
576Christian LifePeak to Peek Principle (The)Schuller, Robert H.248.3Sch
1804ChurchYourChurchHasRealPossibilities!Schuller,Robert H.277Sch
1153BiographyKathySchultz, Edna M.922Sch
178OT - CommentaryDeuteronomy - The Gospel of LoveSchultz, Samuel J.222.15Sch
1694FictionVoice He Loved (The)Schunk, LaurelF/Sch
310Christian TheologyKingdom of God (The)Schweitzer, Albert232Sch
664Personal ReligionMy Adventures with GodScott, Jane248.4Sco
1697BiographyMcClure - The China YearsScott, Munroe922McC
Jesus ChristTheGreatestWordsEverSpokenScott, Steven K.232.9/Sco
1393JuniorGeorge and the Chinese LadyScovel, MyraJ/Sco
1777Teen ChallengeSpecial Message (A)See Music Tapes#86/Apr.1999
793Christian LifeFeeling Kind of TemporarySee, Frank E.261See
1642CassettePraying the Gospel of MarkSeymour, Jack L.226.3Sey #77
236NT - MarkPraying The Gospel of MarkSeymour, Jdack L.226.3Sey
1946Jesus ChristThe Unique ChristShaheen, Nizar232.8/Sha
1087BiographyGraphiteShalamav, Varlam921Sha
1313FictionHigh Road (The)Shannon, FaithF/Sha
311Jesus ChristRecords of The Life of JesusSharman, Henry B.232Sha
1730Christian LifeBySuchStripes AreWe HealedShaver, Jack242.36Sha
666Christian LifeYouth LettersShaw, Blair248.4Sha
411DevotionMy Living CounselorShaw, Harold Publishers240Sha
270Christian TheologyWonder of the Christian Gospel (The)Shaw, John M.230Sha
1154BiographyThen Sings My SoulShea, George B.922She
1621Music - tapeFriendsShea, George B.245She #62
1634Music - tapeMy Favorite SongsShea, George B.245She #63
1009Medical SciencesFat is in Your Head (The)Shedd, Charlie W.641She
1011Christian LifePray Your Weight AwayShedd, Charlie W.642She
1088BiographySpirit of SurvivalSheehy, Gail921She
1539CassettesMinister to the Family(12 cassettes)Shepher, Lorne249She
735Family LifeLove Making His WayShepherd, Lorne249She
668Christian LifeSpiritual WarfareSherman, Dean248.4She
1205BiographyAlways a WinnerShinnick, Don923Shi
558Christian LifeExtraordinary Living ...Shoemaker, Sam248Sho
1026GamesSecond Ark Book of RiddlesShofner, Myra793.7Sho
271Gospel - CartoonGospel According to Peanuts (The)Short, Robert L.230Sho
1002Medical SciencesVitamin E for Ailing & Healthy HeartsShute, Wilfrid E.612Shu
1630Scripture - tapeUnto Us a Son is GivenSimon & Shuster232.1Sim #5
1498JuniorLittle Visits with JesusSimon, Mary M.J268.432/Sim
897MissionsCrossing WorldsSinclair, Donna266.792Sin
794Christian LifeWords of RevolutionSkinner, Tom261Ski
1155BiographyBlack and FreeSkinner, Tom922Ski
1596Sermon - tapeLast Word is Love (The)Slater, Geo.R., Dr.10-Jul-95
1793Sermon -tapeDo You Want to be Healed?Slater, George R.Aug.19,2001
Christian LifeAlong comes GodSlater, Gorge R.248.5/Sla
1316FictionRoad to Bithynia (The)Slaughter, Frank G.F/Sla
1850FictionGod's WarriorSlaughter, Frank G.F/Sla
1323FictionTime to RunSloane, AdamF/Tim
903Religious EducationTeaching Ministry of the Church (The)Smart, James D.268Sma
1317FictionPromise to Keep (A)Smart, James D.F/Sma
806Social TheolotyChrist & The Modern MindSmi, Robert W.261.5Smi
1624Music - tapeIs There Anything I can Do for YouSmite Singers245Smi #49
1784Music tapeChristmas SongsSmith Academy Pa#88
954Spiritual RenewalReproducers (The0Smith, Chuck269Smi
1318Fiction 2XMen Called Him MasterSmith, Elwyn A.F/Smi
406Christian LifeChristian's Secret of a Happy Life (The)Smith, Hannah W.240Smi
670Christian LifeChristian's Secret of A Happy Life (The)Smith, Hannah W.248.4Smi
179OT - WomenRuth, A Woman of WorthSmith, Joyce M.222.35Smi
559Mdan - StudyLearning To Be A ManSmith, Kenneth G.248Smi
567Christian LifeMan God Uses (The)Smith, Oswald J.248.1Smi
754MissionDavid Brainerd _ Man of PrayerSmith, Oswald J.251Smi
882MissionsCry of The World (The)Smith, Oswald J.266.023Smi
953Spiritual RenewalPassion for Souls (The)Smith, Oswald J.269Smi
352ProphesyYou Can Know The FutureSmith, Wilbur M.236Smi
34BibleSmith Bible DictionarySmith, Wm. LL.D.203Smi
914Religious EducationChildren and The BibleSmither, Ethel L.268.432Smi
1429JuniorLater Old Testament StoriesSmither, Ethel L.J220.9505/Smi
1430Junior 2XStories of JesusSmither, Ethel L.J220.9505/Smi
1431JuniorFirst to be Called ChristiansSmither, Ethel L. J220.9505/Smi
1043LiteratureUntamed Land (An)Snelling, Lauraine813.54Sne
1421JuniorBoys of the BibleSnyder, Harvey A.J220.92/Sny
329Jesus ChristParadoxes of Jesus (The)Sockman, Ralph W.232.954Soc
1158BiographyTower Hill 12.30Soper, Donald922Sop
1319FictionOn Eagles' WingsSouthon, Arthur E.F/Sou
931Religious EducationTry This One...TooSparks, Lee268.433Spa
1654RecordKeith Green Collection (The)Sparrow RecordsRec #2
1324Miscellany 2XWhy am I on this earth?Special EditionM/Spe
1159BiographyHow to Lose at GolfSpence, Johnny922Spe
450DevotionMorning and EveningSpurgeon, C.H.242.2Spu
492EvangelismAll of GraceSpurgeon, C.H.243Spu
1921WitnessAll of GraceSpurgeon, C.H.248.5/Spu
1312FictionRainbow GardenSt.John, Patricia M.F/StJ.
1663RecordChristmas CarolsSt.Pau'sBoysChoirRec. #11
1886Christian LifeLiving The Extraordinary LifeStanley, Charles F.248/Sta
1160BiographyFirst Down, Lifetime to GoStaubach, Roger922Sta
956Spiritual RenewalBirth of the BodyStedman, Ray C.269Ste
Jesus ChristAdventuring through theLife of CristStedman, Ray C.232.8/Ste
176OT - StoriesHistory /Herstory /OurstorySteele, David222.1Ste
1161BiographyToday is All you haveStephens, Overton922Ste
96NT - in PicturesNew Testament World in PictureStephens, Wm. H.225.93Ste
144CommentaryHow To Understand Your BibleSterrett, T. Norton220.63Ste
1721MisssionFifty Years for God in IndiaSteward, James266Ste
1868Bible StudySearch the ScripturesStibbs, A.M.(Editor)220.9/Sti
1320FictionSermon Nuggets in StoriesStidger, Wm. L.F/Sti
802EvangelismCritical Options for EvangelicalsStiller, Brian C.261.1Sti
1645CassetteOperation Restore 90Days to RescueStiller, Brian C.#80Ope
1646CassetteWhy Hurt KidsStiller, Brian C.#81Why
1854Jesus ChristJourney to Jesus Vol.2Stones, James232/Sto
297Holy SpiritBaptism & Fullness of the Holy SpiritStott, John R.231.3Sto
201NT - Intro.Basic Introduction to NewTestamentStott, John R.W.225.61Sto
224NT - CommentaryLetters of John (The) Tynd.19Stott, John R.W.225.7Sto
272Christian TheologyBasic ChristianityStott, John R.W.230Sto
1795HeavenEternityStowel,Joseph M.236.24Sto
250NT - HebrewsFree in ObedienceStringfellow, Wm.227.87Str
815Social TheologyFaith Under FireStrobe, Donald B.261.8Str
1691ChristianityCase for Chrisst (The)Strobel, Lee232Str
969Roman CatholicPrimer on Roman CatholicismStuber, Stanley I.282Stu
1491JuniorWhat Kind of Family is This?Sueling, BarbaraJ249/Sue
1617Sermon - tapeSon's HarvestSummer Fellowship245Smi #70
248NT - EphesiansPattern for Christian LivingSummers, Ray227.5Sum
1622Music - tapeTribute to Christmas (A)Sunday Series232.1Tri #47
1720BiographyFlame forGod in the Far EastSung, John921Sun
1949CatholicismCatholicism & ChristianitySwaggart, Jimmy282/Swi
257NT -JamesHow To Solve ConflictsSweeting, George227.91Swe
631Christian Life - StressMarginSwenson, Richard A.248.4Swe
1672BiographyC.S, LewisSwift, Catherine921Lew
632Christian LifeThree Steps Forward-Two Steps BackSwindoll, Charles R.248.4Swi
633Christian LifeEncourage MeSwindoll, Charles R.248.8Swi
671Christian LifeLaugh AgainSwindoll, Charles R.248.4Swi
770PastorRise & ShineSwindoll, Charles R.253Swi
779CounselingStrengthening Your GripSwindoll, Charles R.253.5Swi
1507CassetteFinishing Touch (The)Swindoll, Charles R.223Swi #17
1681Christian LifeLiving Beyond the Daily GrindSwindoll,Charles R.248.4Swi
1684Christian LifeGrowing Strong in theSeasons of…Swindoll,Charles R.242.2Swi
1698Christian LifeLiving Beyond the Daily GrindSwindoll,Charles R.248.4Swi
1716Christian LifeComeBeforeWinter…& ShareSwindoll,Charles R.248.4Swi
1738Christian LifeLiving Beyond the Level of Med.Swindoll,Charles R.248.4Swi
1742Devotional-DailyFinishing Touch(The)Swindoll,Charles R.223/Swi#17
1769TapesLiving on the Ragged Edge(12tapes)Swindoll,Charles R.253.5Swi
1770Sermon -tapeReflections - the FamilySwindoll,Charles R.IFL
1789Christian LifeFaith,Courage,Independence…Swindoll,Charles R.248Swi
1382JuniorScotty & the Phantom MonsterSwinford, BettyJ/Swi
1383JuniorScotty & the Lost Dutchman MineSwinford, BettyJ/Swi
1384JuniorScotty & the Mysterious MessageSwinford, BettyJ/Swi
Christian LifeOrdinaryPeople,ExtraordinaryFaithTada,Joni Eareckson248.4/Tad
1664Record (Alb.2)Troubadour of the Great KingTalbot, John, M.Rec. #12
1007Social ScienceI'll Stop TomorrowTamasi, Barbara616.86Tam
895MissionsLillian Dickson's South Seas StoryTank, Marilyn266.09Tan
894MissionsChuckles Behind The DoorTank, Marilyn D.266.09Tan
1010Medical SciencesComplete Scarsdale Medical DietTarnower, Herman641.1Tar
209NT - CommentaryJohn - Tyndale4Tasker, R.V.G.225.7Tas
1459Junior -Thine is The GloryTaylor, Florence M.J225/Tay
1051BiographyBorden of YaleTaylor, Howard921Bor
1163BiographyTo China... with LoveTaylor, Hudson922Tay
22EthicsEvolutionTaylor, Kenneth N.171Tay
1432JuniorBible in Pictures for Little EyesTaylor, Kenneth N.J220.9505/Tay
1781Sermon -tapeGod Calls Us to Engage theBibleTaylorWalsh,LorneAug.2/1992
749Family LifeThank You, Lord, for My HomeTchividjian, Gigi249Tch
362Prophecy 2 XMarching Orders for The End BattleTen Boom, Corrie236.3Ten
1165BiographyAmazing LoveTen Boom, Corrie922Ten
1166BiographyPrison LettersTen Boom, Corrie922Ten
1168BiographyHiding Place (The)Ten Boom, Corrie922Ten
1169BiographyNot Good if DetachedTen Boom, Corrie922Ten
1170BiographyTramp Finds A Home (A)Ten Boom, Corrie922Ten
1171Biography 2XTramp For the LordTen Boom, Corrie922Ten
57EncyclopediaZondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia Vol.1Tenney, Merrill C.R202.3Zon
58EncyclopediaZondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia Vol.2Tenney, Merrill C.R202.3Zon
59EncyclopediaZondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia Vol.3Tenney, Merrill C.R202.3Zon
60EncyclopediaZondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia Vol.4Tenney, Merrill C.R202.3Zon
61EncyclopediaZondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia Vol.5Tenney, Merrill C.R202.3Zon
202NT - SurveyNew Testament SurveyTenney, Merrill, C.225.6Ten
1906FictionHadassahOneNightWith theKingTenney, TommyF/Ten
FictionHadassahOneNightWith theKingTenney, TommyF/Ten
132Commentary Reason for Joy (A)Thigpen, Thomas P.220.13Thi
FictionKey to Zion (The)Thoene, BodieF/Tho
1407JuniorBible Readings for Boys and GirlsThomas Nelson & SJ220/Bib
1534Cassettes -Bible NNew Testament(Cliff Barrows-nThomas Nelson Pub223Bib
1535Cassettes-Bible NOld Testament Vol.1Geneswis-SaThomas Nelson Pub221Bib
672Christian LifeTo Know God's WayThomas, D. Reginald248.4Tho
1724Holy SpiritSpiritualPowerAlife inHuman VesselsThomas, Gwendoly231.3Tho
181OT - EstherIf I Perish...I PerishThomas, Major W.Ian222.9Tho
446EvangelismSaving Life of Christ (The)Thomas, Major W.Ian242Tho
1172BiographyAt Least We Were MarriedThomas, Terry C.922Tho
129CommentaryHow We Got our BibleThomas,Griffith W.H.220.1Tho
915Religous EducationEven If I'm Bad?Thompson, Orin268.432Tho
425Christian EthicsAlcohol of Christ?Thomson, Andrew241.6Tho
31ChristianityGod And His PurposeThomson, J.S.200.1Tho
750YouthGod and His PurposeThomson, J.S.249.1Tho
1597Sermon - tapeMaster TapeThornlow, W.RevOct.11,1992
1598Sermon - tapeMaster TapeThornlow, W.RevApr.30,1995
1599Sermon - tapeHow Could He Die For Me?Thornlow, W.RevFeb.28,1993
736Family LifeCall It Lofe or Call It QuitsTimmons, Tim249Tim
49GeneticsHeredityTinkle, Wm. J.215.7Tin
1859FictionLord of the Rings(The)Pt.1Fellowsh.Tolkien,J.R.R.F/Tol/1
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