You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be My witnesses. Acts 1:8

Peter, who we often look to as a strong apostle and witness for Christ, was not always so. He was at one time so spiritually weak that in spite of his bragging, was so cowed by the crowd and by a little maid, that he swore and even denied Christ. He at that moment, took his place with the enemies of Christ.

But what a change after he was touched by the flame, the fire of the Holy Spirit. He then was able to stand boldly and fearlessly proclaim the good news of salvation! Peter who once was so weak, was transformed into Peter, the rock!

So it has been with many stalwarts of the faith across the centuries since then. You may know some of them even today. The Holy Spirit changed them from being ordinary individuals to being firebrands for the kingdom! Perhaps you may be one of them!

What is their secret? What is it that may be keeping you from being the firebrand that God wants you to be? The real secret is total, complete submission to Jesus Christ and to His will rather than your own. What keeps you from being mightily used of God to touch your world for Christ? Here is an equation that works. 

The greater the yieldedness to the Spirit, the greater the joy! The greater the yieldedness, the greater your usefulness to Jesus Christ and His kingdom!
E. Forster