For I will forgive their iniquity, and their sin I will remember no more. Jeremiah 31:34 

Across many years of service to the Lord, I have observed that the problem that plagues believers, perhaps more than any other, is their assurance of salvation. Their battle often is not so much with overt sin as it is with their own sense of security in their salvation. Be assured, that is not what your Heavenly Father wants for you! 

Much of the problem has at its roots two things: a wrong concept of God and wrong teaching that is not Biblical. God does not intend His children to live in uncertainty. His Word is a source of ultimate reassurance. Satan is the source of doubt and uncertainty.

God tells us here in this verse from Jeremiah, two things that are of real reassurance. First, God says that He will forgive our iniquity, our sin. And second, He assures us that not only will He forgive our sin, He will remember it no more. 

Even though we may remember past failures and falls, He does not! If we confess our sin, He will forgive. Others around us may remind us of specific sins in our past, but God does not. 

As far as God is concerned, your sins are forgiven and forgotten forever! What a wonderful truth that is! Take a moment right now to praise Him and thank Him for His marvellous promises to you!