The Secret of the Lord

The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant. Psalm 25:14

A true friend is one in whom you can confide with no fear of betrayal of that trust and no fear of being judged. Some people will share their secret hurts and sorrows, but the true mark of intimacy in a relationship is when one will confide secret joys. Have you ever listened long enough to God for Him to share with you His secret joys? Or are you so busy unloading your hurts, sorrows, disappointments, and telling God what he should do about them, that you leave little room for Him to talk to you? When we first come to Christ, we are full of requests we can’t wait to share with Him, but as we walk with Him we discover that what He wants for us is a relationship with Him and for us to get attuned to His purposes for us. If we are born again and the Holy Spirit dwells within, He begins to lead us in the paths that we should walk. His word begins to shed light on our path and as we follow, we learn to trust more and more and will find ourselves having to ask less and less frequently to be shown His will. 

Place yourself in His hand and listen carefully as He will show you His secret.